Fine Porcelain Plate "Taurus"

  • Our unique "Zodiac Signs" plates collection would be a great gift for a baby shower or for your loved ones. It contains 12 Zodiac Signs. Choose your sign and gender to make this gift special.


    This fine porcelain plate is hand-painted by our artist and roasted at 1472°F (800°C) in 3 phases allowing the plate to cool down between them. The whole process takes around 73 hours. Roasting melts the pattern into the plate's glaze which makes it wear-resistant and thus, in addition to being a beautiful piece of art & decor - perfect for a daily use with any fork or knife.


    Since our fine porcelain plates are hand-painted from scratch, each one of them is unique and has its own special details, so you won't find two completely identical plates even among the same Zodiak Sign design.


    For our hand-painted collection we chose to use Wilmax dessert plates. Wilmax is an established manufacturer of tabletop small wares including fine and durable porcelain. 


    • Size: 8" (20 cm)
    • Fine Porcelain